IHSC does not impose security ‘’ standards ‘’. Our assessment methodology is essentially founded on universally recognized security practices.

Whilst most security protocols implemented on the main international hotels chains are based on same ‘’standards’’ it is for certain that a significant number of independent hotels, including small hotels chains, do admit serious failures on their security approach, either in terms of equipment or on staff security training.

Fully aware of the necessity to raise French tourists economic players awareness in regard to security matters, the Ministry of the  Interior, as part of his program named ‘’ Tourisme et Sécurité ‘’, has created the ‘’ Sécuri-Site “ label.  Whilst this initiative must be lauded, it is for certain that, in default of any convincing security assessment, the credibility of this label, notably in the Hotel Industry, would be limited.

IHSC professionals security assessments do then provide the necessarily credibility to the ‘’ Securi-Site” label. Carried out by  auditors who are former police officers, same of whom have worked in counterterrorism divisions,  IHSC assessments do enable to identify and deal with hotels security failures as well as do complete staff training on security aspects.

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