The security certification is an international initiative designed to encourage and support hotels at all levels to  achieve an established and recognized standard of security. Arranged in a tiered framework, IHSC certification offer an appropriate response to the ever-present threats of crime, including extremism and terrorism.

Hotels guests and clientele are increasingly aware of the potential for harm to themselves and their immediate surroundings and that such harm may occur without warning. It is incumbent upon the hotel industry to address the concerns of their clients by demonstrating that they operate a defined set of credible and verified security policies and procedures, with supporting actions at times of increasing threat.

IHSC does not impose security ‘’standards‘’. Our assessment methodology is essentially founded on universally recognized security practices, on which most security protocols implemented in hotels are based.

Although security protocols implemented by hotels are established by qualified Risk Managers, their efficiency may need to be checked by independent security professionals. IHSC Assessments have been specifically designed for this purpose.